josh drimmer, playwright.
josh drimmer, playwright.


Theater is at once too big and too small too much of the time. Casts are pared down by default. Specificity is power-sanded away in readings and workshopping. Many of us have forgotten what it was we went to see plays for in the first place (if we still even do.) 


I write plays because I love dialogue, immediacy, and the ability theater has above other media to transform in the process of manifestation as a script becomes a director's notes becomes an actor's lines becomes a play.


My mission is to create large-hearted dramatic comedy and comedic drama that will surprise and provoke the two truest audience responses: a laugh and a gasp.


My audience is ready to enter the little worlds I've created for them, knowing they will be entertained but also left with lingering feelings, questions, sensations that will not leave them for weeks to come. 


Some of my works are large-cast, but I don't write thankless roles. Some of my works are small-cast, but no matter how small-scale they might be, they aren't small.


The work of putting a show together and the act of giving it to an audience are both acts of collaboration.  Collaboration can be messy, discordant, and sometimes almost violent. Collaboration is also a lot of fun, and kind of the whole point of life.

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